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What is TOS?

As an abbreviation of TerraMaster Operating System, TOS is a Linux platform-based operating system developed for TerraMaster cloud storage NAS server. TOS 3 is the third generation operating system newly launched.

File Sharing

The new File Manager in TOS 3 supports FTP, SMB2, AFP, NFS and WebDAV protocols, and allows you to seamlessly share files among Windows®, Mac® and Linux® platforms. Whatever type of file sharing you need, just access TNAS; the same way you access any kind of network storage.

Cloud File Synchronization

Cloud Sync allows synchronization of TNAS data to Dropbox Cloud for easy access, which allows you to move freely between home and work, desktop computer and mobile device. You can also edit the same files effortlessly. Cloud Sync builds an exclusive Cloud space for you so that you can access your files any time, any where.

Multimedia Server

The multimedia functions of TOS3 transfers TNAS into a multimedia server that is compatible with DLNA or UPnP, and enables playing by streaming multimedia contents to a player or smart TV. Now, you can shift your digital entertainment to a large screen and stereo in your living room to enjoy your viewing comfortably.

Data Backup

The customizable and expandable storage space makes TNAS with TOS 3 the best backup destination of any device, regardless of it being a Windows computer, Mac or other device. You can back up data to a local share folder, external devices, network shared folders, Rsync server and a public Cloud service.


Virtualization technology can integrate the physical server, and promote server use ratio while lowering the operation costs of your enterprise. TOS 3 provides high efficiency and reliable virtualization technology so that you can achieve a multi-user environment, use IT resources flexibly and optimize the available time of a service.

All-in-one Server

Today, setting up an exclusive device for each specific application is expensive and inefficient. Your enterprise will be more competitive with TOS 3 provided by TerraMaster. Through the App Center of TOS 3, you can install complete, rich functions or applications in TNAS as required in any time.

Permission Management

The built-in user management of TOS 3 allows you to share the benefits of TNAS with family and friends in your own way. You may distribute different storage spaces and permissions to different users, or divide the group by user to ensure easy and quick management.

Easy Maintenance

Management is easy, no matter how many TNAS are installed. The TOS interface is so simple, even new IT personnel can navigate the multiple and complex settings.